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How can we help you?

Your Peace of mind is our priority.

Our local and international shipping services and products have
been designed to be reliable, efficient and cost effective.

International Express

Worldwide delivery for urgent, time-sensitive documents and parcels; insurance is provided for high-value shipments.

Road Freight

A comprehensive choice of products and guaranteed services offered by our road transport network and agents.

  • Box trailers, flatbed or curtain trailers and refer trucks.
  • Freight (full trailer loads or leased trailer loads) transported by road to Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi, Iraq and Oman.
  • A full-service offering that includes: required vehicle analysis, customs export documentation finalization, transit customs’ coordination and tracking until delivery.

Economy Express

International and GCC deliveries of documents, non-documents and freight shipments when time is less critical and lower transport costs are required.

Import Express

Door-to-door delivery services from over 180 countries, worldwide.

Domestic Services

A range of efficient solutions throughout the UAE.

  • Express deliveries.
  • Mail services.
  • Collection and delivery services for shipments from offices anywhere in the UAE.
  • Customised services for seamless operation between businesses across the UAE.

Online Shopping

Give your customers the choice of where to shop through our vast distribution network and parternship with a large local retailer.

Air Freight

Maximum flexibility and efficiency for all of your heavy-weight freight needs.

  • Door to door
  • Door to airport.
  • Airport to door.
  • Airport to airport.

Logistics & Warehouse Facility

A complete fulfilment solution that includes collecting, storing, packing, labelling and processing shipments to residential or commercial customers.

  • Dedicated warehouse space in Dubai , Abu dhabi & Freezone.
  • Secure storage environment with 24-hour security staff and electronic security in all premises.
  • Experienced warehouse management with dedicated staff.
  • Online tracking system.
  • Rapid delivery system.

Sea Freight

Cost-effective transport of large quantities of goods at competitive rates. This includes, packing your items into a container, which is then loaded onto the ship.

Embassy Services

Delivery and collection official documents, passports and visa applications to and from any embassy.

Specialised Services

A range of special services that allow us to cater to your specific needs. Contact us to find the service that suits you best.